Timber Products For Various Applications

Timber Products For Various Applications

Timber is a general term used for wood that is to be used in construction or construction related activities. This means that the timber needs to be carefully selected to ensure that it has the required strength to withstand the loads that may be applied to it. In addition to this, there is also the issue of exposure to the natural elements. Although wood is a natural product which is harvested from trees, it is important to note that the trees are living things which means that any damage that occurs to the trees in their lifetime will be repaired by the tree because it is a living thing which can take care of itself. Once the wood is harvested, it is no longer living and therefore, processes and treatments need to be applied to it to ensure that the timber can survive being outside, exposed to the elements.

This exposure can lead to various problems in the wood if it is not treated properly. Examples of such problems can include the wood expanding or shrinking due to changes in the moisture content of the wood, attack of pests on the wood as, even though it is dead, it is food for some pests such as termites and even exposure to UV light from the sun which can lead to loss of shine and make the wood aesthetically displeasing. Raw wood is treated to ensure that the pores in the wood are not open to the environment to ensure that moisture does not seep into the wood or escape from it. Loss of moisture from the wood can lead to warping of the wood which can change its shape and make it unsuitable for the application that it is installed in. Other processes can make the wood resistant to pests by making it unappetizing/poisonous for the pests and others can help protect it from the damaging effects of UV radiation found in sunlight.

Durable Timber Solutions

At Kazman timber, we provide a range of timber products to suit all kinds of applications, whether they may be indoor applications or outdoor ones, you can be certain that we have a wood product which matches the application which you want to put it in. Our colorbond fencing from Melbourne is extremely durable and is sourced directly from the supplier which ensures that it is authentic, genuine and has a quality which you can expect of it.

All in all, if you need quality timber products which you can rely on to give you the performance which you have become familiar with, then you need look no further than Kazman timber. With experienced professionals on the team and a friendly yet experienced customer support team, you can be certain that your timber needs will be dealt with swiftly, efficiently and to the highest of standards.

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